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Travel Expense Guidelines and Forms

Travel Guidelines
  1. Purpose
    Travel performed at MASFAA expense will be for no purpose other than official MASFAA business. Travel reimbursement shall include, but not be limited to, MASFAA Officers, Committee Chairman and Committee Members, and other representatives as appointed by the President.

  2. Approval
    Travel will not be undertaken with the expectation of reimbursement without the prior approval of the President of MASFAA.

    Unless an advance is authorized by the President, travel will be on a reimbursement basis. Travel claims will be paid by the Treasurer when approved by the President. The President is authorized to disallow any travel claims or portions thereof that in his/her judgment are unreasonable. An appropriate travel claim will be utilized that shows the complete itinerary of the traveler and the purpose of the trip. Claims not submitted within thirty (30) days may be disallowed. Payment of claims submitted after sixty (60) days shall require the approval of the President and Treasurer.

  4. Reimbursable items are the following:
    1. Travel
      1. Private auto at the prevailing state rate over the usually traveled route not to exceed the cost of air coach.
      2. Air travel will be reimbursed for coach travel only. A copy of the plane ticket must accompany the travel claim.
      3. The cost of taxis and airport limos will be reimbursed at actual cost, including tip, if appropriate. Receipts should accompany travel claims whenever possible.

    2. Lodging
      The actual cost of lodging, not to exceed the single room rate at the hotel/motel where lodged, will be paid. Receipts from hotel/motel must accompany the travel claim.

    3. Meals
      Meal expense will be allowed based on the prevailing state rate while on authorized MASFAA travel. Receipts for meals should accompany the travel claim. Committee chairs may be reimbursed for meal expenses of the full committee, excluding guests or non-committee members, unless these persons take part in committee activities. The committee chair shall list all persons participating in the meal on his/her expense voucher, and expenses for this meal may not otherwise be claimed for reimbursement. Receipts should accompany travel claim whenever possible.

    4. Rental Auto
      Prior approval of the Executive Board is required.

    5. Other Miscellaneous Expenses, which include the following, will be reimbursed. Receipts should accompany the reimbursement request whenever available.
      1. Phone call relating to MASFAA business. (Reason for call must be provided.)
      2. Tips, other than meals or beverages.
      3. Limos, taxis, parking, etc.
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